Bare – VCE (Marking the return of the vocoder in Electronic Dance Music)

Back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, I was a clubbin’ and ravin’ ass dude. In New Orleans, the scene was ripe with electro breaks, many of which were labeled “Florida Breaks”. In some of my favorite songs, there was “robot voice”, aka vocoder.

I remember I used to know people that would hate a song simply because there was a “robot voice” in it. Well, those people must have enjoyed the last decade because the vocoder has seldom been heard. Thanks to Bare, I think that’s about to change. And, all it’s going to take is one word, “Bass.”

Bare teased that he was going to dabble in trap music. Apparently, he’s done more than dabbled. He’s made a monster of a hit that’s going to drop very soon. Oh, and he’s saying it’s likely going to be a free EP titled “Bvre Trvp” (Bare Trap EP).

Bare – VCE.mp3
Bare – VCE (BareTrap).mp3

For some interesting and informative reads, check out:
A Brief Vocoder History” and “50 Greatest Vocoder Songs“.

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